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In this age of the Internet of Things, computing power can be found in the most unlikely places. Where you used to have a frustrating wait when your laptop decided that it would not let you on until it had finished applying updates, you could at least put that behind you when you sat down after a long day’s work in front of the telly to catch up on your favourite soap. Nowadays you could be confronted with your Smart TV also insisting that it has urgent updates to perform, and it will not let you pass go until the update is done.

So what is this Internet of Things, I hear you asking. It is essentially a short-hand way of describing today’s IT environment, where the majority of electrical gadgets have computing capability. Some of the gadgets are clearly IT-enabled, such as smart phones and satnavs, others on the face of it are less likely candidates: fridges, washing machines, cookers, cars, alarm systems.

And just as Information Technology now encompasses much more that the standard desktop or laptop computer, so the daily job of your Computer Troubleshooter has also evolved and expanded. When Computer Troubleshooters came to NZ the standard request was for assistance to fix hardware which was broken or deal with a computer virus. As IT has become an integral part of everyday life and most users are getting more tech savvy, the issues confronting Computer Troubleshooters are more varied and esoteric.

Our cousins in the UK came face-to-face with a drone in need of technical assistance! This DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone was refusing to take off, and the manufacturers advised that a firmware upgrade was required. Fortunately it is not expected that your IT support team has knowledge of the inner workings of every gadget you possess, and the manufacturers kindly provided instructions for undertaking the task on YouTube and an app to process it via a connected tablet.

At Computer Troubleshooters we like nothing better than a challenge that gets us thinking and applying our problem-solving analytical abilities, but it certainly made a change to think outside the (computer) box. Does your business need help with a reluctant gadget? You are welcome to challenge Computer Troubleshooters!

CT Christchurch East is locally owned and operated, but backed by the power of the Computer Troubleshooters Global family.  With Computer Troubleshooters you get the local service of an owner operated business and the global strength offered by a strong organisation with service locations in 29 countries. As the largest international computer services franchise, we are able to bring world-class technology services and solutions right to your door.


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